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Wayman Vickery, Owner of Eurasian Auto:

“It’s wonderful! The credit card machine itself is so easy and it closes itself out at night and I just love it. We are getting our deposits the next day and it’s just great. I ran my first debit card for $5000 yesterday and it’s wonderful knowing I just saved $70. There have been no problems and it’s just wonderful.”


Dave Russell, Ace Mart Restaurant Supply


Jim Reed, Owner of Express Rx and The Sunglass Studio:

With my previous processing company I felt like I was just another number to them. When I switched over to the local office of First Data, I noticed a huge increase in the level of service I was provided. I also saw a sizable reduction in my overall fees.

They were even able to work with the POS system that I already had in place! Now I receive my deposits in a very timely  manner, sometimes two or three days sooner than before. When I have a question or need assistance, I have a local caring agency here in town that I can call.

I highly recommend Carl Hames and First Data, and do not ever plan to look elsewhere for processing needs.

Click this blue link Express Rx to read Jim Reed’s full testimonial.


Switch-It Bags:

“Switch-it LOVES the FD-50 and Carl is definitely great answering my questions! Thanks for all you’ve done for us at 6400 E. Brainerd Road, Suite 101, Chattanooga, TN 37421!! Thanks a bunch Jason and Carl!”


Mona Nerren From the Chatta Bama Club:

“I Highly recommend First Data for all your credit card processing needs. Not only do they work with businesses, they also work with non-profits. Thanks Carl for helping the Chatta Bama Club with our credit card processing needs.”


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